Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby Shower Invitation Made With MDS

While creating the above invitation was very easy using My Digital Studio on my laptop, the embellishing of the invitations once I received them all printed up was a little more difficult! I had to decide what to add to them to make them a little more home made looking! By the way, the quality of the professionally printed invitations is remarkable! The paper is so lovely to the touch and the envelopes are nice and sturdy. They arrived wrapped in bubble wrap in a box.

I intended to keep it simple, adding just a bow or just this cute button. But it just looked too plain! (there is washi tape over the last name for privacy).

The bow was nice...

I actually had a couple of these cute heart flowers sitting on my desk. Wendy Weixler was kind enough to write out instructions to me on how she made her heart tulips. Well, silly me, while I was following the directions I kept thinking, "This doesn't look like a tulip!" That's because I had the pieces upside down! I kinda like these heart flowers, too! I added one on the top, left...

Then I felt like the embellies were just a bit "off" so I added one more flower on the bottom, right corner. 

The back of the invitation has all the pertinent information and is printed on a background of polka dots~

Thanks for looking today! If you have not given your MDS a try, why not try it now? It's fun creating, saving and printing!

The shower invitation is for my daughter, who is having a baby girl in June! I'm super excited and it's been fun planning and getting ready for a sweet baby granddaughter!


Lynn. G. said...

Congrats on Grandma to be. Pretty card. I like the flower up-side-down and up-side-right. I love to punch and create my own designs. Thanks for sharing!

Aubs said...

The invitations came out super cute!! Thanks, Mom!