Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl's Roadtrip USA - Part 2

The view from our porch in Pagosa Springs, CO

I have never driven in snow, but my daughter was undaunted by this slippery slush on this 10,000 foot pass in Colorado! She got us through just fine.

Lots of road today between Durango, CO and Flagstaff, AZ. My daughter and I are both getting tired of sitting in a car all day long. We cannot wait to be active all day! Eight days on the road and home in California is only 8 hours away!

I will be back to paper crafting on Monday! I have missed my studio at home. See you then.


Ann Schach said...

Beautiful photos, Patti! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Callahan said...

Nothing prettier than snow in Colorado! Glad you ladies are almost home!

Cards by Gina said...

Love this road trip! But glad to know you're both almost home! Good job, Aubrey, driving in the snow! I know what those upstate winters in NY are like! My kids went to school in Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany and are great snow drivers, too.

Kim said...

Such pretty photos! Glad you are almost home and safely! What wonderful memories you both will have!

Carla said...

Wow!!! Awesome photos. Hugs,